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Thanks to NewsletterMonitor, throughout 2013 we collected a huge quantity of newsletters and have brought
them together here in an analysis of how the apparel and personal objects industry communicated with its users.

Amodiovalerio Verde‘s insight:

The analysis relates to over 1,900 international brands that send newsletters in the English language.

Some findings:

• In 2013, 165,000 English language emails were sent by over 1,900 brands in the apparel and personal object industry.

• On average, each brand sent 114 emails per year (9.5 emails per month).

• Only 1 email out of 5 is sent out during weekends.

• At the end of the year (starting from October) there was an increase in frequency.

• 9.5% of the emails are sent while users are sleeping! (between 00:00 gmt+1 and 07:00 gmt+1).

• Emails are sent at every hour of the day. The first minutes of each hour are generally preferred.

• 9% of emails use a “noreply@” for the mail-from address

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