119 million members

– LinkedIn’s members have reached 119 million, although this figure is an approximation provided by LinkedIn

– The standard user of LinkedIn is male (58.5%) and aged between 25 and 54 years (70%)

– North America and Europe represent 68% of users

– The 10 countries with more users: United States (50.1 million), India (10.6 million), United Kingdom (6.9 million), Brazil (5 million), Canada (4.2 million), Netherland (2.8 million), France (2.6 million), Australia (2.3 million), Italy (2.1 million) and Spain (2 million)

– In the 10 major countries is concentrated 80% of users

– Brazil has overtaken Canada, considering the number of users, compared with January 2011 data

– Latin America, Asia and Africa are the areas with the highest concentrations of under 34 (>70%)

– North America, Europe and Oceania are the areas with the highest concentrations of over 34 (>40%)

– There is a high concentration of men in the Middle East’s countries, which exceeds 85% in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

– In four countries, female member’s concentration exceed the male’s one: Romania (53%), Bulgaria (52%), China (52%) and Finland (51%)

– Compared to January 2011, LinkedIn’s member have grown by 17.3%. It’s interesting to note that countries such as North America and Europe have grown much less than areas such as Africa and Latin America. This trend suggests a certain saturation in these areas

– The country with the strongest growth was Brazil (+40.2%) followed by Indonesia (+34.6%) and China (+30.4%) while countries with a lower growth were Finland (+8.3%), Denmark (+8.5%) and Netherlands (+8.8%)

– Over 40% of LinkedIn’s users work in companies with more than 10,000 employees, in Asia the figure rises up to 56%

– The industries with the highest concentration are: High Tech (15.3%), Finance (12.9%) and Manufacturing (9.8%) with significant gap according to areas

– Over 40% of the members is a Manager, Director, Owner, Chief Officer or Vice President



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