LinkedIn Demographics 2011

LinkedIn Demographics

After the Facebook infographic, here is another one about LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site.

It shows the number of members worldwide (over 100 million members) with a breakdown by area.

It also shows sex and age in different areas.

Over 47% of all LinkedIn members is located in America, 22.8% in Europe and 13.6% in Asia.

The infographic shows the top 10 countries by LinkedIn users as of 30-01-2011.

The top 10 countries list includes:
– 2 american countries (U.S., Canada)
– 1 latin america country (Brazil)
– 1 asian country (India)
– 5 european countries (U.K., Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain)
– 1 oceanian country (Australia)

A graphical visualization of sex by countries shows how Middle East and Southern Asia there’s a higher concentration of male member.

The infographic shows also the worldwide and area distribution by industry and by job function.

The biggest industry rapresented on LinkedIn is the High Tech with 16% of members, followed by Finance (13.3%) and Manufacturing (9.5%).

High Tech is more present in Asia (with 28.1% of members) while Construction is very high in Middle East (8.6%).

About the job function, the most rapresented is Sales (12%) followed by Administrative (10.4%) and Academic (10.3%).

In Asia and Middle East, Engineering is the most rappresented job function with respectively 17.5% and 15.3%.

In Latin America, Academics and Administrative job functions are particularly high.

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Here you can download the infographic in full size (1Mb – 2000×4500)

On Slideshare you can find a PPT version: LinkedIn demographics and statistics – 2011